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Due to VS Because of

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Simply put:

Due to = caused by [whenever you come across in SC, treat with suspicion]

Because of = On account of (replace in the sentence and see if it sounds correct) [mostly preferred in gmat]

the game was postponed due to rain (wrong)

the game was postponed because of rain (Correct)

The game’s postponement was due to rain (Correct)


Generally, “due to”(adjectival prepositional phrase) modifies nouns(only) and follows the verb “to be” (is, was, were, am, etc) (check rule 1: to see if “due to” is correctly used )

My job loss was due to an employee conflict.  In this sentence, “due to” modifies the noun, “job loss,” and follows the “to be” verb, “was.” (check rule 2: due to should have to be verb form preceeding it).

“Because of,”(adverbial prepositional phrase) on the other hand, modifies verbs, adverbs, adjectives (even clauses, phrases). I lost my job because of an employee conflict. In this case, “because of” modifies the verb “lost.”


I will check 4 things(at most) to find out if due to is correctly used in SC during the test:

1. replace due to with “caused by”, see if it sounds ok.

2. See if “due to” has to be verb form immediately preceeding it.

3. See if  “due to/because of” modifying noun or verb/etc

4. Still not sure, when using because of correctly you will be easily able to ask the “why” question.

from above examples:

  1. why was the game postponed ? (because of rain). What caused the postponement of the game (can you make a why question from this ?)
  2. why did you lose your job ? (because of an employee conflict). {try asking the same question with a due to sentence 🙂 }

(As a non native speaker I will prefer saving 1/10 of a sec by not finding the verbs and nouns in the sentence.)

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